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Duquesne Garage
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Federal Street
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Buildings at 6th and Bigelow
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Webster Avenue Drawing Plans
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Joseph Horne Company
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Marbles Tournament
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Union Arcade Construction- Mid-Level Floors (So.)
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Hump Cut Down Fifth Avenue
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Gala Alley
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Watson Street
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Exterior of the Exposition Building
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Duquesne Way
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North Side Point Bridge
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Smithfield Street
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Bigelow Street
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Penn Avenue
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Friedberg and Nebron Clothing Store
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1920 World Series
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Hump Removal
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Union Arcade Construction- Steel Framing (East)
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Ross Street Near Fifth and Sixth Avenues
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Lyceum Theater
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Pittsburgh Municipal Band
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Riverfront Improvements
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Fifth Avenue Street Scene
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Manchester Bridge Plans
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Penn Avenue
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Fifth Avenue Gradation Change