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Alvin Theater
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Joyce's Dry Goods Store
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Duquesne Way and Fancourt Street
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Book Way
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Smithfield Street Bridge
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Fifth Avenue Drawing Plans
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Demolition of the Mayfair Hotel
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Sixth Avenue
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Try Way Sewer
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Horse and Buggy Advertising
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Kaufmann's Department Store
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Captain Einar Paul Lundborg
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Webster Avenue Hump Cut
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KDKA Radio Station
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The Diamond Restaurant
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W.H. Williams & Company Builders Supplies
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Evans Way
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Second Avenue Improvements
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Grant Street Hump Cut
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Duquesne Way Market
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Duquesne Way and 7th Street
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Point Bridge
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Wabash Bridge
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Lunch in the Car
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Monongahela Wharf Flood
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Dante and Chatham
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Try Way Sewer
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Current Site of Commonwealth Place