Retrographer harnesses the knowledge of the community to create a collaborative map of Pittsburgh's historic photographs.

How it works?

All of the photographs on the site come from the City Photographer collection hosted and curated by the University of Pittsburgh's Archives Services Center

Retrographer uses Google Maps to make it easy for anybody to geotag these images. This geotag data is sent back to the Archives Services Center to become a permanent part of the archive.

About The Project

Retrographer was started in the Fall of 2010 as a project for the Senior studio Pieces taught by Dylan Vitone at Carnegie Mellon University. The project has evolved and lives on after the class has ended. So far over 3,900 photos have been tagged by people all over Pittsburgh

Retrographer continues to evolve. Check back soon on your smartphone, a mobile app is on the way.

If you have any feedback about Retrographer please email me at dpieri@gmail.com -Dane Pieri

Just Pittsburgh?

It doesn't have to be. If you would like to bring Retrographer to your city, and are able to work with an archive or museum to get access to a collection like Pittsburgh's City Photographer Collection, shoot me an email!

Featured Photos

  • Kroger Warehouse - 1938

    Kroger Warehouse
  • U.S. Steel Parade Float - Date Unknown

    U.S. Steel Parade Float
  • Men in the Street - Date Unknown

    Men in the Street
  • Pool Diving - 1921

    Pool Diving

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  • Small 4055938c

    "Chuck's tag is correct. The photo says "looking west". I believe it should be "looking east" from Pride. Enlarging the photo lets me see the Rialto Theatre at the SE corner of Marion and 5th. Two block out from there you can just about make out Fifth Ave High."

    b said 08/14/18 22:02:39 UTC
  • Small 3115337cp

    "i moved the tag - this part of Wylie was almost downtown - about 2 blocks in from Washington."

    b said 08/14/18 20:09:09 UTC
  • Small 3115337cp
    b tagged 08/14/18 20:04:52 UTC
  • Small 112078cp

    "Magee was never Logan. Logan didn't cross 5th ave. It went north, starting at 5th and ending at Bedford. Magee also didn't cross 5th. It started at 5th , a bit inbound from Logan, and went south to Bluff St. Elm, also didn't cross 5th. It started a bit inbound from Magee, but like Logan , went north to Bedford. Those "parking lot" streets you see on the map - Logan and Fullerton - were named , I guess, as a tribute to the two original ones. Both are further inbound than the originals. That little bit of Magee seen between 5th and Our Way did not exist. Solid stores lined north side of 5th between Elm and Logan. And a tiny bit of Logan (shown on the map) still exists ( BBQ place on corner of Logan/5th)"

    b said 08/14/18 19:58:55 UTC
  • Small 20090407 cp 0252
    b tagged 08/14/18 00:32:46 UTC
  • Small 20090624 cp 0324
    b tagged 08/13/18 21:28:42 UTC
  • Small l18cp

    Washington Park alongside Bedford Ave - Lower Hill. I lived nearby and played fball there in the 50s."

    b said 08/13/18 17:57:38 UTC
  • Small l18cp
    b tagged 08/13/18 17:51:50 UTC
  • Small 131268cp

    "it took 2 tries to tag it -- site makes tagging very difficult. My 2nd try ( listed lower ) is correct"

    b said 08/13/18 17:42:00 UTC
  • Small 131268cp

    "Clay Alley - Lower Hill from Washington toward downtown between Wylie & Webster "

    b said 08/13/18 17:39:17 UTC
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