Retrographer harnesses the knowledge of the community to create a collaborative map of Pittsburgh's historic photographs.

How it works?

All of the photographs on the site come from the City Photographer collection hosted and curated by the University of Pittsburgh's Archives Services Center

Retrographer uses Google Maps to make it easy for anybody to geotag these images. This geotag data is sent back to the Archives Services Center to become a permanent part of the archive.

About The Project

Retrographer was started in the Fall of 2010 as a project for the Senior studio Pieces taught by Dylan Vitone at Carnegie Mellon University. The project has evolved and lives on after the class has ended. So far over 3,900 photos have been tagged by people all over Pittsburgh

Retrographer continues to evolve. Check back soon on your smartphone, a mobile app is on the way.

If you have any feedback about Retrographer please email me at dpieri@gmail.com -Dane Pieri

Just Pittsburgh?

It doesn't have to be. If you would like to bring Retrographer to your city, and are able to work with an archive or museum to get access to a collection like Pittsburgh's City Photographer Collection, shoot me an email!

Featured Photos

  • Cathedral of Learning - 1937

    Cathedral of Learning
  • Car Parked in Alley - 60

    Car Parked in Alley
  • No-Nox Gas - 1964

    No-Nox Gas
  • Aerial View of Grant at Sixth - 1951

    Aerial View of Grant at Sixth

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    John tagged 12/25/21 14:26:57 UTC
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    "This movie theater was the big thing for a lot of Bloomfield residents. In my era the late 1970’s throughout the 1980’s & into the low 1990’s was so much fun. My good friends and I would visit this theater on many a Friday or Saturday night and see all the latest films. Also above the movie theater was a few classrooms 4th & 5th grades from the Church & grade school Immaculate Conception. I believe the door on the right on the bottom picture was where we would exit the building once our school day was over. It was either or door not sure really . It was a long time ago. lol 40+ years. "

    DMZABO said 10/26/21 23:03:17 UTC
  • Small 20100519 cp 0039

    "Those trees on the left side of the sidewalk were long gone by the time the bottom picture was taken. Time has a way of reclaiming things that tend to be precious to some! "

    DMZABO said 10/26/21 22:54:03 UTC
  • Small 20100712 hpicasc 0045

    "So many times I’ve driven or walked up this part of Liberty avenue from 1980’s/90’s during my teenage years. "

    DMZABO said 10/26/21 22:48:22 UTC
  • Small 133477cp

    "Very hard working men in these photos. "

    DMZABO said 10/17/21 00:11:41 UTC
  • Small 3115241cp

    "I actually walked across this bridge when I was younger. In the 1980’s before they shut it down to build the new bridge. Bloomfield has changed due to the local hospitals. Once it was predominantly an Italian dwelling but not so much these days. Diverse for sure. Not that Italian people aren’t cool . It’s just not so small town community anymore."

    DMZABO said 10/17/21 00:10:31 UTC
  • Small 20090624 cp 0476

    "You know it’s old when you see the horses. "

    DMZABO said 10/17/21 00:06:00 UTC
  • Small 20100421 cp 0044
    DMZABO tagged 10/17/21 00:05:27 UTC
  • Small 20080917 cp 0174
    R tagged 02/06/21 10:06:09 UTC
  • Small 20080917 cp 0085

    "Construction of Highland Reservoir Number 2."

    R said 02/05/21 10:41:48 UTC
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