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  • St. Paul Cathedral - 1937

    St. Paul Cathedral
  • Oakland Street Scene - 1920

    Oakland Street Scene
  • Kroger Warehouse - 1938

    Kroger Warehouse
  • Men Under the Bridge - 1905

    Men Under the Bridge

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  • Small 20090624 cp 0418

    "Never saw a map old enough of that street it seems, I was recalling a late 1960s one for the construction of the USX construction where there was but a small slither of it left. I stand corrected."

    Patrick said 01/14/19 21:09:33 UTC
  • Small 20090624 cp 0418

    "Tunnel was much more than an alley. It had a lot of traffic from 5th, thru Wylie, to Webster near where cars could get on Bigelow outbound. It's true that Tunnel ended 'near' where the USS bldg is now. Look at this old map - https://historicpittsburgh.... - From 5th Ave, going north, parallel streets were 6th Ave, Tunnel, Chatham, Fernando, Washington, and so on. I lived nearby as a kid.

    b said 01/14/19 20:33:10 UTC
  • Small 20090624 cp 0418

    "Tunnel Street was an alley where the USX courtyard now stands. The tall building in the background is the still standing Oliver Building on Smithfield Street."

    Patrick said 01/14/19 19:46:28 UTC
  • Small 20090624 cp 0418
    Patrick tagged 01/14/19 19:45:13 UTC
  • Small 4161948c
    Patrick tagged 01/08/19 22:29:21 UTC
  • Small 4161948c

    "The Dravo Building in this picture was at 300 Penn Ave which is round about the place of Gateway Center. The now gone Barbeau Street was two blocks toward the point from Stanwix St."

    Patrick said 01/08/19 22:28:35 UTC
  • Small 20100823 hpicasc 0081
    Patrick tagged 12/07/18 17:08:28 UTC
  • Small 20100823 hpicasc 0081

    "Ferry St is now Stanwix St, Water is sort of Fort Pitt Blvd"

    Patrick said 12/07/18 16:59:15 UTC
  • Small 20091020 cp 0405
    Patrick tagged 12/07/18 15:00:18 UTC
  • Small 20100113 cp 0064

    "this was a fun one - so in the modern location the Allegheny County Morgue (now the Health department) is on the right. However in the picture from 1913, it is on the right. This is because in 1929 they moved the building to it's present location to allow the construction of the county office building."

    Patrick said 11/19/18 21:03:05 UTC
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