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Diamond Street Hump Cut
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Hump District Excavation
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Hump Removal Drawing Plans
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Depression-Era Headlines
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Second Avenue Improvements
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Constucting the William Penn
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Strawberry and Pentland
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John Foster Dulles
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Second Avenue Improvements
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Duquesne Way and 7th Street
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Fifth Avenue
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Man in Street
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Union Arcade Construction - Roof (East View)
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Penn Avenue
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Union Arcade Construction- First and Second Floors
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G.C. Murphy Company
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Union Arcade Construction- Fourth Floor
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American Dentists
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Diamond Market
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Dante Alley
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Grant Street
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Webster Avenue Hump Cut
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Allegheny County Courthouse
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Beauties of the Nations
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Wylie Avenue Hump Cut
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Ladies Dining Room
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Union Arcade Construction- Terra-Cotta Details
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Wood Street