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Oliver Avenue Hump Cut
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North Side Point Bridge
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Adding Stories to the William Penn
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Helen Z. Towboat
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William Penn Hotel
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Allegheny County Courthouse
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Mercur's Music Bar Fire
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Union Arcade Basement Excavation
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Union Arcade Construction- Ground Floor
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Union Arcade Construction- Steeples (North View)
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Corner of Liberty and Fifth Avenues 8:38 AM
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Union Arcade Construction View of Finished Roof
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Sixth and Webster Avenues
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Sixth Avenue Hump Cut
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Duquesne Way
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Sixth Avenue Hump Cut
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Young Man on Sixth Avenue
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No Parking Sign
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Allegheny County Courthouse
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Ross Street Near Fifth and Sixth Avenues
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Oliver Avenue
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Union Arcade Construction - Roof (East View)
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Man in Street
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Penn Avenue
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G.C. Murphy Company
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Gayety Theatre Gallery Entrance
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Diamond Market
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Second Avenue