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Grant Street Hump Cut
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Grant Street
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Grant Street and Dante Alley
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Horse and Wagon on Smithfield Street Bridge
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Excavation of Foundation
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Mayor William McNair
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McCann's Coffee Shop
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Duquesne Way and 7th Street
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Hump Cut on Fifth Avenue
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Railroad and River
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Diagram of Manchester Bridge
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1913 Plan for Point State Park
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Diagram of Manchester Bridge
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Corner of Liberty and Fifth Avenues 12:20 PM
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Excavation and Foundation of William Penn Hotel
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Try Way Sewer Construction
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Boulevard of the Allies
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Forbes and Sixth
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Water Street
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Liberty Avenue Flooded
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Webster Street
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Seventh Avenue Hotel
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Watch Westinghouse
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Hump Removal on Grant Street
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Hump Removal Along Pentland Street
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Bridge of Sighs
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Cecil and Penn
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Bridge of Sighs