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Exposition Buildings
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Railway Construction
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1913 Plan for Point State Park
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Manchester Bridge Plans
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Sixth Avenue
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Seventh Avenue Repaving
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View of Pittsburgh
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Flood of 1913
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Horace Street Ramp
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Second Avenue Passenger Railway (Right)
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Dante and Chatham
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Intersection of Penn Avenue and Duquesne Way
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Seventh Avenue Paving
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Independent Telephone
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Smithfield Street Bridge
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Independent Barge
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Union Arcade Construction- Outer Walls (South)
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Kaufmann's Department Store
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Wylie Avenue
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Grant Street
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Manchester Bridge
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1913 Flood--Men in Boats
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Grant Street
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Corner of Liberty and Fifth Avenues 10:55 AM
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Second Avenue
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Grant Boulevard [Bigelow Boulevard] Conditions
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Retaining Wall Plans on Bigelow Boulevard
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Monongahela Warf Cargo