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Smithfield Street Bridge
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Downtown Scene
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Try Way Sewer
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Union Arcade Basement Construction
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Second Avenue
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Union Arcade Construction- Outer Walls (West View)
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Hump District
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Union Bridge
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Tell Your Missus Don't Vote for Hisses
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Fourth and Smithfield
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Diamond Street Hump Cut
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Ferry Street
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Chaplain-Fulton Manufacturing Co.
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Hump District
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Flood of 1913
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Courthouse Construction
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Candy Rama
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Independent Telephone
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City Hall
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Harris Theatre Safe
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Union Arcade Construction- Terra-Cotta Details
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Union Arcade Construction- Steel Framing
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Downtown Smoke
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Forbes Street Paving
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Grant Street Hump Cut
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Riverboats and Bridges
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Wood Street Accident
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Hump Cut