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Commander Byrd and the Mayor
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Diagram of Manchester Bridge
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McCulloch Drug Company
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Louis J. Alder Company
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Barbeau Street Flooding
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D.T. Reed & Company
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Music Hall Exposition Building
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Cherry Way Hump Cut
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Another Walgreens
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Christian Home for Working Girls
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Ferry Street
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A.D. Schmid Leaf Tobacco Dealer
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Union Arcade Construction- Lower Floors and Roof
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Marine Parade
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Penn Avenue
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Manchester Bridge
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Plans for Downtown Renaissance
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Lemon Alley
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Fifth and Sixth Avenues
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Smithfield Street Bridge Construction
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Zimmerman and Co.
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United Cigar Stores Company
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Allegheny County Jail
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Downtown Streets
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Belly Up To the Bar
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Skyscraper Construction
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Stanwix Street Corner
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Manchester Bridge