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Men at Work
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Municipal Hospital
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Fulton Street Footbridge
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Goode Prescriptions
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Hill District Tenements and Stables
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Laibman's Confectionery
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Coal Siding
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Wylie Avenue at Erin Street
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Herron Hill Reservoir
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Herron Hill Reservoir
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Roosevelt Theatre
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Man Standing Near A Storefront
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West Slope of the Herron Hill Reservoir
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Municipal Hospital Interior
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Lower Hill Razing
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Center Avenue
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Compressor Plant at the Herron Hill Reservoir
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Tuberculosis Hospital of Pittsburgh
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Herron Avenue
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Herron Avenue Bridge
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Debris on Soho Street
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Two Boys
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Hill District Houses
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1920s Hill Housing
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71 Negley Streetcar
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Fence Reinforcement and Form
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Municipal Hospital