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Helen's Luncheonette
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Bird's Eye View
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Tomahawk Alley
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Hill District
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Herron Hill Reservoir
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Municipal Hospital Interior
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Herron Hill Reservoir
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Group Photo at Washington Park
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Herron Hill Pumping Station
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Herron Hill Reservoir
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Inside of Fence
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Herron Hill Reservoir Basin
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Group at the Irene Kaufmann Settlement
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Dolly and Track at the Herron Hill Reservoir
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Herron Hill Park
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Hill District Tenements and Stables
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Grant Boulevard [Bigelow Boulevard] Plans
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Herron Hill Park
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Center Lumber Co.
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Drink Fort Pitt Beer
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Colwell Street Intersection
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Broken Sidewalk Steps
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Bloomer Street
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Bedford Avenue
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Tuberculosis Hospital of Pittsburgh
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Cleaning the Herron Hill Reservoir Basin
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Orbin Street