Straub Property

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Straub property and automotive garage adjacent to the Guffey property.
June 30th, 1920
Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection
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Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection, 1901-2002, AIS.1971.05, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh Original URL
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Liberty Avenue
  • Matt over 13 years ago

    There was a branch of the Straub Brewery at the corner of Liberty and Main, the north end of the Bloomfield Bridge, roughly the site of the current supermarket, seen here:

    By 1923, they were making ice cream, Prohibition, so sad...:

    But in neither are any of the Straub properties adjacent to a "Guffey" owned lot... Maybe I need to check the directores for the trucking business...

  • Matt over 13 years ago

    Found it! The "United Motors Corporation" Garage in the background is the buildign near the corner of Liberty and Baum which contained the recently-closed Goodwill Store, thought it looked familiar!

    Here is the 1920 directory listing:

    And here is the map in 1923:

    Showing the "Straub" property had already passed intot he ownership of the "Autocar S & S Company" meaning the two grand houses were doomed to a fate as a car lot (which the site still was until very recent plans for redevelopment....

    Seems someone with the name Straub had a change of fortune shortly before 1920 and divested themselves of property...

    1919 Prohibition perhaps?

  • Matt over 13 years ago

    And here in 1911:

    The two corner houses list owners Straub and Guffey, and the third house has not been razed yet to build the garage.

  • Dane over 13 years ago

    Thanks for the thorough and all the links Matt!

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