Mrs. Colville's House

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View of Mrs. Colville's house on Jones Avenue.
October 4th, 1907
Polish Hill
Jones Avenue
Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection
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Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection, 1901-2002, AIS.1971.05, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh Original URL
Dwellings--Pennsylvania--Pittsburgh.; Jones Avenue (Pittsburgh, Pa.).; Polish Hill (Pittsburgh, Pa.).
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  • Jonathan almost 13 years ago

    I couldn't find a Colville on any 1907-vintage maps or census data in the Polish Hill vicinity.

  • Jonathan almost 13 years ago

    Jones Avenue is now Brereton Street.

  • Andrew R almost 13 years ago

    This picture is placed on Stockholm street because the photograph of Mrs. Colville's house on Jones (now Brereton st) is from the street behind. Though much has changed, the topography can be recognized by the horizon.

  • Jonathan almost 13 years ago

    Here are the other two Jones Ave/Colville pics:

  • Jonathan almost 13 years ago

    I doubt it is Stockhom because it is 2 blocks from Brereton when you include the alley. If someone wants to hike in the de-mapped woods to look for the retaining wall, that might be the best bet!

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