Downtown at a Distance

111859 11cp
Distant view of downtown Pittsburgh and segments of uptown and the Hill District.
May 9th, 62
Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection
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Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection, 1901-2002, AIS.1971.05, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh Original URL
Downtown (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Uptown (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Landscape photographs--Pennsylvania--Pittsburgh.
Public Domain - Anybody may use this photo for any purpose
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  • Patrick over 1 year ago

    I'm not sure with this one. I think that's Bedford Dwellings behind the smokestack of a probably long gone powerhouse, but if that were the case, St Benedict the Moor school should be visible, which it isn't.

  • b over 1 year ago

    The camera is on the hillside above 5th Ave, east of Kirkpatrick. I see 5th Ave west of Kirkpatrick heading inbound. In fact, when I zoom+ the pic, I can make out 5th Avenue High School. We can see some of Terrace Village, a truck turning outbound from Seneca to 5th, the rows of flat roof houses (small apt bldgs) lining both sides of Moultrie going north from 5th, apt bldgs along DeRaud St, and even a bldg on Duquesne's then smaller campus on the Bluff (look left of the Grant Bldg)..... I'll put the map marker at 5th/Moultrie.

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