No-Nox Gas

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View of the Gulf gas station on Baum Boulevard, looking west and showing local businesses.
July 22nd, 1964
Baum Boulevard and Morewood Avenue
Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection
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Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection, 1901-2002, AIS.1971.05, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh Original URL
Oakland (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Service stations--Pennsylvania--Pittsburgh.; Gulf Refining Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Baum Boulevard (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Business enterprises--Pennsylvania--Pittsburgh.
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Gulf Station
  • Matt over 13 years ago

    Actually think it might be here.

    Based on the location on 1939 Hpkins map of the "Superior Auto Accessories" which can be seen in the photo across the street.


    Also, there's a line in a Robert Johnson song about "that Good Gulf gas" Always though it was from an ad, apprently it specified a grade?

  • Matt over 13 years ago

    I think "Guys and Dolls Cocktail Bar" in the distance is now Toast Wine bar at 5102 Baum Boulevard... maybe?

  • Dane over 13 years ago

    So this photo was taken at a corner, and if it is looking at Superior Auto Accessories on the opposite side of the street then it has to be looking west. So then it seems like the only corner that works is the corner of Baum and Cypress, as I've tagged it here. But my tag makes less sense when you consider the "Guys and Dolls Cocktail Bar" Not sure which is better?

  • Pat over 10 years ago

    By the looks of the building on the right, and the houses down the block on the right, I think it's Baum at Roup.

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