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28th Street Bridge Construction
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Pike Street Resurfacing
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Water Main Break at 12th and Liberty
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Penn Avenue
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Spicuzza Brothers
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Pike Street Resurfacing
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Smallman Street
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Pennsylvania Railroad Lines
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Penn Avenue
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Penn Avenue Paving
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Charles Street Streetcar
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28th Street Bridge Steps
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Otto Milk Company
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Smallman and 24th
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Penn Avenue
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Central Service Depot
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James B. Catananzaro & Bro.
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Pittsburgh Banana Company
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George Lafbury Company
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Englerts Service
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Penn Incline
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West Liberty Avenue
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J. K. Davison & Bro. Central Service Depot
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20th Street Station
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20th Street Station
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Talking on the Sidewalk
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Liberty Avenue Repaving
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Smallman and 23rd