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Dougherty's Coal Yard
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Men Working on Pipe Trench
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Edwards Property Looking North
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Abandoned Cut
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Grant Street Relief Sewer
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Invert Reducer
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Edwards Property
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Pitt Road
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Grading, North End of Bialas Property
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Boundary Street
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Old Sewer
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Pitt Road Retaining Wall
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Boundary Street
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University of Pittsburgh Athletics Building
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Joncaire Street Sewer
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Looking North From Pipe
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Melwood Street
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Group at Tourist Camp
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Grading Along Western Line
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Dougherty's Coal Yard
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Pipe in Place
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Western End of Edwards Property
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Schenley Pipe
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Charles Lindbergh
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Aiken Avenue Water Line
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R. J. Dougherty Coal Company
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Pipe Trench in Abandoned Cut
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Railroad on Melwood Street