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Fulton Street Footbridge
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Dilapidated House on Elliott Property
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Herron Avenue Sewer
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Kirkpatrick Street Houses
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Malcolm Street
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Water Filtration
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Hill District Clean-Up
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Webster Avenue and Grant Street
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Coal Siding
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Henry's Café
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The Buttery Coffee Shop
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Mulberry Alley
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Boyd's Hotel
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Children Playing
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Wadsworth Street
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Battista's Fruits and Groceries
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Washington Avenue Wall
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Hill Clean-Up
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Man Standing Near A Storefront
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Lower Hill Razing
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Lincoln Pumping Station
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Boys Unloading Rubble
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Rubble on Kirkpatrick Street
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Quitting Business
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Razing of the Lower Hill District
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Reed Street Alley
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Washington Avenue Retaining Wall